Five Strategies for Winning When You Play Solitaire Games

Many people who like to play solitaire complain about how it seems that there is no chance at winning. This is not entirely true. There are strategies to help you win - sometimes. Though the losses are greater in number than the wins, there is the possibility of more frequent wins by using these ten strategy tips. These five tips are:

• Always play aces and deuces
• Free downcards first
• Play longest stack
• Keep empty slots
• Delay playing to ace stack
• Delay moving card numbers 5-8

These five strategies alone will help you increase your wins to a respectable percentage. Many programs online, and the Microsoft versions, keep statistics on the percentage of wins. These strategies will help you raise that percentage. You won't win them all, however! Apply these strategies and watch those wins climb. You just may get less frustrated with the game.

Always Play Aces and Deuces

Whenever an ace or deuce comes up, play it to the aces pile. Nothing needs to be built on them, so it is safe to go ahead and play them. That way, if a three comes up, you will have a place to put it on the aces pile if that is the best option.

Free Downcards First

When you have a choice of playing a card that is on top of a stack of cards still face down; play that one. You want to turn over downcards as soon as you can. Playing for the stock pile may keep you from being able to uncover a stack of downcards.

Play Longest Stack

When you have a choice of cards to play on the tableau, play the one on top of the longest stack. This will help get them all played sooner. Do this in preference to anything else except playing from the top of a stack of downcards.

Keep Empty Spots

Whenever possible, keep an open slot so as to be able to play a king when one turns up. You may have to forego playing a particular card in order to keep the slot for a king open.

Delay Playing To Ace Stack

Delay plays to the ace stack until you are sure you don't need the card to play another one on. If you play, for example, a four, and then turn over a three on top of a long stack of downcards, you won't be able to move the three and uncover the downcards.

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