Get Fun Action Playing Tank Games

Tank Games refers to games that feature military tanks. These tanks were reportedly built by the British, and to disguise their purpose, they labeled them as water tanks. This later got shortened to tanks. These military vehicles were almost indestructible and could wield a lot of damage. They made excellent protection for shooting at the enemy.

Real Life Action

The games are based on the real life purpose, to offer protection while shooting and destroying the enemy. Thus, game play involves shoot and destroy action. The excitement is enhanced by flashing light, sounds, and action. These combine to make these games appealing to all ages.

Strategy Game

There is a lot of strategy involved with playing the game. You have to decide on the weapons you want to buy/use. As you advance, more weapons become available to you. You also will want to upgrade your vehicle as soon as possible. Some upgrades include:

• increased mobility
• shields
• weapons
• teleport ability
• repair/rebuild capability
• air support.

Enhanced Features

To add interest, there are many features that enhance the play. Different terrains require different skills to navigate them. Also, they lend interest by giving other different views. The common terrains are:

• desert
• forest
• mountain

Each has its own unique challenges that make play increasingly difficult and interesting. Another component that adds challenge is the factor of wind speed and direction. There is never a need to be bored.

Levels of Challenge

Leveled play also offers differing challenges. Levels range from easy to difficult to very difficult. Seasoned gamers will probably want to choose one of the higher levels, at least after special play features are mastered. You can choose to play against real opponents or against a computer player. Design tanks to look differently so it won't get confusing. In many games, you have the option of playing against up to five opponents. This certainly makes for a challenging game.

Brief History

One of the earliest games, designed in the 80's, that still enjoys popularity is Battlezone. It was one of the first games using vector graphics, which makes much more realistic game graphics than what was currently in use when it was first designed, raster graphics. The game has remained popular over the years and has just recently been updated and made available. It used periscope viewing, which made it seem more like riding in an actual tank, as the real ones do not have windows and windshields due to danger.

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