Tips on How to Improve Your Scores in Scrabble

Do you want to improve your scores in Scrabble? If you want to get a higher score you should have a good knowledge of words that contains high point value. Fantastic players earn high scores in this game because they used clever techniques. As an example, some players use short letters because it can help them to get a higher score.

There are times when longer words gives low score but it can still be use to your advantage by adding parallel words to a long word, so you can maximize your score. Some players usually don't want to exchange tiles but bear in mind that exchanging tiles will help you to refresh your rack. Good players know that there is more opportunity to get a higher score if they have new tiles, particularly if they already exhausted all their remaining tiles.

The best advice when playing this game is to leave the high point tiles. You may never know if there are some hidden set of letters that you need to discover to increase your points. You must also look for parallel words that are already in place in your game board.

Points are earned if you are able to form a word in parallel form. You should also study and memorize a list of high scoring words so you can have an added advantage. Find bonus squares so you can multiply your points particularly if you place your tile in a premium square.

Studying programs like Anagram Solver can help you determine high scoring letters so you can multiply your points. Identify hooks which refer to a letter that when added to another word on the board will spell a new word. For example turning the word host into ghost will help increase your points.

Organizing your letters in the rack is also a good game plan. If you know proper rack placement of two letter words, you can easily identify an opportunity to connect these letters in an existing word in the board game. Managing your rack properly can help you to easily match the letters with a particular word.

There are available online tools like Scrabble Word Finder which you can use to get ideas on how to improve your score. Studying on how you can have a solid technique in this word game can help you to have a good game plan. You will surely become a successful player, if you know these strategies and techniques.

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