Tricks in Playing Scrabble

Do you want to learn the tricks in playing Scrabble? This word game needs two to four players who will draw seven letters randomly to create words. Whoever player who get the highest point will be the winner.

Successful players have a great plethora of words which they use for their advantage. But for a beginner, it is important to study and memorize first a list of words to gain an advantage in playing this game. The goal of this word game is to earn the most number of points.

It is very crucial for players to make use of high scoring letters to gain high score. If a player manages to make 7 letter words in a single turn, the player will be given an additional 50 bonus points. There are also some tricks that work well in this game to help you achieve a higher score.

When playing word games, it is important to know the list of words that have a high value points like letters X, Z and Q. These letters seem invaluable and awkward for players to use because there are hardly words available with these letters. However, X can be utilized in two-letter words like ox and ax. There are a lot more word lists to memorize that can be help in improving your points.

In fact, if you know how to use the Scrabble Solver, you can identify 124 two-letter words that are found in the English Dictionary. It is also helpful to note that blank tiles should only be used carefully because it will cause you to lose your turn.

In addition, you have to make use of the S letter wisely. Do not use it in low scoring words because you need to save the S letter when you have an opportunity to use a high scoring word. If you place it in an adjoining bonus square, you will get additional points.

If you want to succeed in this word game, you need to cleverly use high scoring letters. You also need to target premium squares because it can help you to multiply your scores. There are also many online tools which you can use to get a list of words that belongs to a particular cluster.

Playing word games is fun and easy if you know how to apply these tricks. Word games will help you to increase your vocabulary and to sharpen your mind, as well.

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